Free Blogging and Marketing Tools (Top 5 From AppSumo)

Free blogging and marketing tools from AppSumo

5 Free Tools To Help You On Your Journey:

When starting out, you are probably not keen on spending too much money. I do recommend you get a budget search Engine Optimization tool, but past that there are lots of free help available, or even really cheap courses you can take. But in this post I want to concentrate on some free offers for you that may, or may not, help you.

I have spoken about the website AppSumo before, it is a fantastic resource for cheap software to help you on your blogging journey, but it is also a fantastic resource for some free stuff to help you as well.

Here are my favourite five free tools from AppSumo I would highly recommend, and I promise, they are 100% free.

How to Use SEO Data to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy:

Use a free SEO marketing guide to help your blogging journey

One of the best ways to find topics that your audience actually cares about is to use SEO data to uncover what they look for most often on search engines.

Ready to stop all the guessing games and deliver the exact content people are looking for? 

Free YouTube Growth Hacks:

Grow your Youtube channel with a free Youtube Growth guide

Despite what all the crypto influencers, makeup gurus, and ASMRtists (yes, that’s a thing) may have you believe, getting BIG on YouTube ain’t easy.

But with the right tactics and insight, you can work toward becoming more visible on the platform and maximizing your audience.

11 Attention-Grabbing Ways to Use Trust Signals to Multiply Sales:

Use social signals to build a plan to promote and develop your blog

When most of us think of social proof, we imagine 5-star reviews, a few impressive media logos... and that’s about it.

But you want to take your social proof one step further.

What if you could create a full-blown social proof strategy, with campaigns, moving pieces, and methods that you know none of your competitors would be clever enough to borrow?

Free Google Sheets Template Pack:

Download free Google templates pack

But with the right templates, this free tool can make so many parts of your day more rewarding and productive.

Spreadsheet guru Andrew Kamphey from BetterSheets created 19 simple plug-and-play templates to help you get the most out of Google Sheets.

Productivity Boosted:

Download free productivity guide

If watching productivity videos on YouTube to procrastinate were a sport, some of us would be league MVPs.

Instead of letting procrastination, the afternoon slump, or a massive to-do list keep you from your most important work, we’ve created a guide for you.

Are there any free resources that you would recommend?
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