What Is RankIQ and Why I Don't Recommend It

Why I do not recommend RankIQ

What Is RankIQ and What Does It Claim To Do? 

With RankIQ, you apparently don't need to be an SEO expert to get results. The tool claims to takes care of all the technical details for you, so you can focus on creating great content and engaging with your audience. Whether you're running a blog, an affiliate site, or any other type of content-based website, RankIQ can help you improve your rankings and attract more visitors. 

Keyword Research Made Easy: 

Keyword research is at the heart of any successful SEO campaign, and RankIQ takes care of this step for you. With over 200 different categories covering various niches, RankIQ provides a list of low competition, high-traffic keywords for you to choose from so you do not have to manually search like you normally would. This means that the tool will tell you the best keywords to target without you having to do anything.

In addition to providing a list of keywords, RankIQ also offers insights on how quickly you can expect to rank for each keyword. How they do this I do not know as they do not give much away.

AI SEO Reports and Content Optimization

When you run a report for a specific keyword, the platform generates an AI SEO report. This report provides you with  insights on how to outrank existing content on the first page of search results. One of the key pieces of information that the report provides is the word count necessary to achieve this goal.  In addition to word count, the report also tells you a list of keywords and phrases that you should include in your post. These keywords are based on the search terms that people are using to find content related to your topic. 

The report also provides guidance on how to create a title that will entice people to click through and read your content. The Content Optimizer feature of RankIQ helps you outline your post and ensure that all keywords are strategically placed for maximum impact....Or so they claim.

RankIQ Pro's and Con's: 

Having used RankIQ for a month, here are my honest opinions.

Pro's of RankIQ

  • It gives you all your easy to rank keywords for you, and tells you how quick you can expect to rank. No heavy lifting needed.

  • It gives you advice on how to construct a blog page around that keyword.

  • Lots of niches to select keywords from.

  • Minimal effort needed on your end.

  • Facebook community for support

Con's of RankIQ

  • No trial to test it or see what keywords are on offer for your niche.

  • While they have lots of niches, quite a few don't have many keywords. And again, without seeing it before paying, you are taking a bit of a risk that it can help you.

  • While the price of $49 a month is good, bear in mind you can only do 16 reports a month, so if you are someone that likes to post more, you then need to go up a tier to $99 and this is where we are getting into Ahrefs and Semrush territory, and they offer offer much more value for that price. 

  • While the cheapest tier is $29 which gives you 8 reports a month, when you first sign up, it seems you have to sign up for the $49 tier, and then downgrade after if you want to. Which doesn't sit right with me.

  • The owner makes big claims about how long to rank for a keyword and how much traffic you can expect, but from my manual research I cannot see how there traffic estimations are accurate, and so far have yet to experience it on my other site I tested it on.

Would I Recommend RankIQ?

Not really. 

Maybe, if you're a beginner starting a brand new website on a popular niche such as travel or food, then the tool will have plenty of keywords for you, and can get you started without doing too much work yourself. But I would like to see them offer a free trial so people can see what it on offer before they fork out $49.

It is a very simple tool, but as I said above, the estimations they make when you look at the words yourself manually seem way off. Not to say they aren't easy keywords to rank for, but how much you will get from them is debatable.

And while they claim to be cheap, I am not so sure about that. You can't really do that much with RankIQ, while similar tools that cost similar, especially when you go up to the $99 tier, you can do SO much more with. Even the $29 tier doesn't provide that much value with only 8 reports a month.

I was honestly torn on whether to recommend it, but, if I had a gun to my head I would say no, I am afraid. Not to say that it doesn't have its uses, but it's not hard to do your own manual research either using another paid tool that offers much more value for your website. 

The other reason is after the latest helpful content updates, from some tests I have seen from SEO's, and from what Google has said themselves, targeting long tail keywords a lot is building for Google, and not the user, and a lot of these type of niche sites got hit. 

Obviously I cannot say 100% if this is the case, only Google knows, but they have made a big deal out of building for the user, not Google, and have hit a lot of niche sites whose whole business plan is to target these easy to rank for keywords only, even when they know nothing about the subject.

Overall, if you have $49 to spare, give it a try and test, but personally, if you aren't a beginner and know how to do manual research for your long tail keywords, then I would not bother.

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